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Crab Feed 2020

January 25, 2020

BIDDING STARTS ON 1/16/2020 AT 8:00 AM 
BIDDING ENDS ON 1/23/2020 AT 10:00 PM


The winning bidder gets:
  • Limo Service from Neumann Enterprises for 10 people. Service will pick up entire group from one location and return to same location.
  • Captain's Table complete with fine china, linen and glassware.
  • Personal Staff will tend to the table. You will have a dedicated bartender and food serving staff. There won't be any waiting for you!
  • BANANA CREAM PIE from Frank Fat's!
Winning Conditions:
    Individual Tickets: If you purchased individual tickets (you didn't purchase a 10 person or a 16 person table), then you have a few options. You can select up to 9 other paid guests to sit with you at your Captain's Table, you can select our fabulous Reservations Chairperson randomly assign guests to your table or any combination of those two ideas.
    10 Person Table Owner: If you purchased a 10 person table, then that table is converted into the Captain's Table!
    16 Person Table Owner: If you purchased a 16 person table, then you may have a mutiny on your hands. The Captain's Table only seats 10! We are up to suggestions on how to manage this one, but in the end, there can only be 10!


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